5-Point Sheriff's Badge Lapel Pin / Tie Tack

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5-Point Sheriff's Badge Pin Sheriff’s Badge pins are a specialty of Frontline Designs, and these lapel pins are no exception. Also great for use as a tie tack, this police badge pin is an excellent choice for any sheriff looking to wear their pride literally as a part of their daily outfit! Cast in high-quality materials and coated with a clear aluminum finish, these badge pins are designed to be as durable as they are aesthetically pleasing. The simple blue line design catches the eye almost immediately, and ensures your profession doesn't go unnoticed. Sheriffs work hard, and these pins are a great way to ensure that work doesn't come without recognition. These pins are one inch in diameter. They're sized perfectly to ensure they're clearly visible and really stand out, but also don't get in the way. 

  • 1" diameter Clear enamel coating
  • Lapel Pins / Tie Tacks with clasp individually wrapped


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