Real Women Love Cops "The rest marry fireman" Shirts

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"Real Women Love Cops, The Rest Marry Firemen" Despite the serious nature of the job, a good laugh is always welcome at your local precinct. That's why we're offering these truly funny police shirts. These shirts are manufactured from high-quality fabric and come in a wide variety of colors. Whether you like green, tan, white, grey, blue, or something different, there's a shirt for you here. These shirts feature hilarious text reading "Real Women Love Cops, The rest marry firefighters," sure to get a chuckle at your next casual work event, or even out and about. If the event calls for a casual, amusing shirt, we've got you covered, literally and figuratively.

Shirts Available options are:

  • Long sleeve or short sleeve Sleeve
  • Shirt colors; Black, Desert Tan, White, Grey or OD Green Font colors; Black, White, Grey or Blue

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